Interview with Larry Williamson

Interview with Mr. Larry Williamson, Jr, Director, Dr. Frank W. Hale, Jr. Black Cultural Center
Conducted but Sterling Clemmons, OSUBAS Student Representative
December 2016

Larry Williamson, Jr., explains the transition to the new location…..

The transition to the new location started back in 2007/2008 when the university was going through their development plan and they were looking at the Hale Center for green space. The actual transition took place in 2012/2013 under the leadership of Dr. Valerie Lee. Students enjoyed the fact that they would stay in the same location and the fact that Enarson was a historical building. This is the first student union in the country for a public university and the 4th overall. With it being only 75 feet across the street from the old Hale Hall, it just made sense. There are only 4 historical buildings on campus and now we are fortunate enough for one of them to house the black cultural center. He never thought that the change of locations, from one building to another, would be done under his administration. He describes this move as “[The] greatest breath of fresh air for them with the opportunity to still grow and prosper.” He also expressed how the fact that the university has to always maintain and keep it up shows great significance and speaks volumes in regards to the presence on campus.

Hale House plans…..

It only took Mr. Williamson one word when asked what the future plans are for Hale and that was: “expand”.  He says that The Ohio State University, including The Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Black Cultural Center, has “bigger and betteritis” meaning that they are always looking to expand and make things even more extravagant than they already are. Our Cultural center is ranked within top 10 and we hope to one day have one of the largest facilities.

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