Society Treasurer Position Available

Black Alumni Society Treasurer

The Treasurer shall supervise all receipts and expenditures and shall be the ex officio member of the Meetings and Programs Committee in charge of handling financial arrangements for the meetings. As requested, the Treasurer shall complete and submit annual financial forms to the Association. Additionally, he or she shall complete and submit any documents that may be required by the Internal Revenue Service. The Treasurer is required to provide monthly report of all expenses and balances. If unable to provide, co-Treasurer or President is to fulfill these duties.

The role of the Treasurer must not be underestimated. It would be best that the Treasure live in the Columbus area. Although not a requirement, it is an imperative that deposit are made to the bank on a regular basis and are financial responsibilities are fulfilled without fail. The Treasurer is expected to attend the annual Clubs and Societies Leadership Symposium.

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