Student Corner

It’s been several days since I officially became an alumna of The Ohio State University and I still don’t know if I can put all my feelings into words. My four years here at Ohio State have been nothing short of a blessing. I’ve got to meet some of the most amazing people and experienced some of the most amazing things. While I’ve had the chance to participate in numerous organizations I wanted to take the time to write a recap on my role here as one of the student representatives of the Black Alumni Society. I’ve had the pleasure of being a member of the board for my last three semesters at Ohio State.

During this time I have had the opportunity to be a liaison between black undergraduates and alumni. This allowed me to help with speed networking events, conduct interviews, and sit in on monthly as well as annual board meetings. My role and experience as a board member has greatly benefited me. I learned how much work and effort goes into running an alumni society. I picked up time management and organization skills. However, my biggest take away has been the connections I’ve made through the Black Alumni Society. It has truly shown me the importance of having a Black Alumni Society and the resources out there even after I’ve graduated. My fellow board members have been great resources as well as other alum I’ve met at different events.

I’m truly grateful for my opportunity on the board and can’t wait to continue to work in the alumni community.

–Sierra Martin