Alumni Awards



Frank W. Hale Jr. Honorary Leadership Award:  Awarded biennially to an individual or organization with demonstrated devotion to the African American community at Ohio State; in particular, for significant involvement in projects that elevate the university and African American graduates. Demonstrated characteristics should include outstanding leadership, integrity, honor, and inspirational influence.

2008: Dr. Frank W. Hale, Jr., PhD.Communications & Political Science, 1955
2010: Dr. Mac A. Stewart, PhD. Education, 1973
2014: Dr. Judson Jeffries, PhD
2016: Dr. Valerie B. Lee

Jesse Owens Influential Athlete Award:   Awarded biennially to an African American alumnus and former Ohio State student-athlete who exemplifies great character and talent, demonstrates exceptional professional success, and continues to reflect the highest qualities of a consummate athlete and humanitarian.

2008: Mr. Jesse Owens (posthumously), Honorary Doctorate, 1972
2010: Mr. Clark Kellogg, B.S. Business Administration, 1996z
2012: Mr. Brad Sellers, 1987
2012: Mr. Malcolm Jenkins, B.A. Communication, 2009
2014: Ms. Stephanie Hightower
2016: Eddie George

Samella Lewis Professional Achievement Award:  Awarded biennially to an African American alumnus who has achieved notable career accomplishments and outstanding professional contributions, including professional impact, authorship of significant publications or research, and community service.

2008: Dr. Samella Lewis, M.A. Fine Arts, 1943 & PhD. Fine Arts, 1951
2010: Dr. Abraham L. Davis, PhD. Political Science, 1969
2010: The Honorable Marcia L. Fudge, B.S. Marketing, 1975
2010: Mr. Stan Jefferson, B.S. Education, 1974
2010: Mr. John B. Williams, B.A. Fine Arts, 1950
2012: Dr. Jacob Gayle, M.S. Preventive Medicine, 1982 & M.A. Health, Physical & Recreation, 1984 & PhD Health, Physical Education & Recreation, 1986
2012: Mr. Keith B. Key, B.S. Economics, 1989
2014: Mr. Eric Dean Seaton
2016: Dr. John Igwebulke

Larry Williamson Distinguished Service Award:  Awarded biennially to an  individual or organization recognized as an “Influencer of Change” for services provided to minority students through voluntary personal involvement that enriches and enhances the quality of student life at Ohio State.

2008: Mr. Larry Williamson
2010: Ms. Tamira Moon, B.S. Human Ecology, 2001 & M.S. Public Health, 2004
2012: Dr. Samuel Hodge, PhD Health, Physical Education & Recreation, 1994
2012: Ms. Shakita Trigg, B.S. Industrial & Systems Engineering
2014: Ms. Minnie McGee
2016: Mrs. Barbara Thornton Harris

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